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Addiction is a mental health issue and each patient is totally unique. 

We create an outpatient treatment plan based on the patients individual needs and goals. Long-term recovery strategies are developed, carefully assessing clinical, psychiatric and medical conditions. Medical issues underlying addiction must be identified and treated if recovery is to be successful.


Opioid treatment includes medically-assisted detox and continued maintenance aimed at long-term recovery. Our program is designed to recognize and treat changing patient needs including dual diagnosis and coexisting conditions. 

We accept patients 18 years of age and older.  Additional therapy options and support groups can be  provided. Twelve-step programs are encouraged but not required. At Adieu Medical our fundamental goal is to ultimately end drug dependency. 


Adieu Medical is conveniently located in the Oil Center and Medical Center area  of Lafayette Louisiana. If you are suffering from addiction, we can help.


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